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Lancaster DUI DefenseHave you or someone close to you been arrested for drunk driving in the Antelope Valley area? Have you been charged with a DUI-related offense anywhere in Lancaster or a surrounding community? If so, you could be facing serious repercussions.

Many people underestimate the weight of these charges, and in so doing they jeopardize their futures. Hiring a Lancaster DUI attorney could be the difference between getting your life back and dealing with the devastating consequences of a conviction for years to come.

Failing to take legal action after your DUI arrest could result in the immediate revocation or suspension of your California driver's license. For this reason, you must speak with a Lancaster DUI defense attorney immediately following your arrest!

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Attorney Tyson R. Beers has the tenacity and ability needed to protect your rights successfully. With more than 15 years of criminal defense experience in the Antelope Valley area, he has what it takes to ensure you the best possible chance for a positive outcome.

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Though you may be afraid or may be tempted to simply do away with the situation by pleading guilty, you must be aware that you have defense options available to you.

Attorney Beers can assist with the following DUI-related issues:

With the appropriate legal representation at your side, you could successfully beat, dismiss, acquit, or reduce your DUI charge so that you can move forward with your life! Choose to work with the Law Offices of Tyson R. Beers today.

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DUI Defense LancasterDid you know that a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) in the state of California can have a widespread impact on your life? Although drunk driving is a relatively common offense—with more than 200,000 drivers arrested on DUI charges in California every year—the penalties are still very serious.

California is one of the strictest states in the nation when it comes to drunk driving.
Even first-time offenders could face mandatory jail time.

Possible penalties associated with a first-time conviction will increase significantly with subsequent DUI convictions. For example, a second offense could mean surrendering your driver's license for a full year, while a third offense could mean giving up your driving privileges for two years.

Potential penalties could include:

  • Driver's license suspension
  • Up to $1,000 in fines
  • Probation
  • Up to six months in jail
  • Participation in and completion of an alcohol awareness program
  • Increased auto insurance premiums

With so much at stake, obtaining strong legal defense should be your biggest priority right now. The Law Offices of Tyson R. Beers is known for serious advocacy and our track record of success speaks for our commitment to our clients.

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You have the right to challenge your criminal charge. Attorney Beers can help determine if an erroneous arrest was made, contest the results of a chemical test, or investigate all other potential defense strategies applicable to your case.

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