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It is one of the most well-known and ferociously punished acts a person can be accused of. Murder is often the center plotline to captivating thrillers and top news stories but when it comes down to the facts, the criminal offense itself is one of the most serious accusations possible in the current justice system. The allegation that one person took the life of another is met with intensity and aggression by both society as well as legal justice officials. If you have been accused of this great offense, you must contact a Lancaster criminal defense immediately to begin preparing your own legal defense.

At the Law Offices of Tyson R. Beers, our Lancaster criminal defense attorney is available to offer legal counsel and representation to individuals facing these types of charges. An accusation of murder can cause permanent damage to one's reputation and family relationships even if it is unfounded. We are here to help you through and work to find the best possible outcome for your particular situation.

Murder charges are levied in two levels:

  • First Degree Murder: This charge alleges that the defendant not only killed the victim but had the premeditated intention to do so before carrying the plan out.
  • Second Degree Murder: This slightly lesser charge still alleges that the defendant killed the victim in malice but that the act was not premeditated.

An individual may also face harsh criminal charges for allegations of murder even if the suspected act was not completely carried out—that is, the victim was not actually killed. Attempted murder is an offense dealt with almost as harshly as actual murder. The prosecution must demonstrate to the court that the defendant had the clear and premeditated intention to murder to the victim in order for a conviction to be warranted. Because of this, the facts of the case may become complex and it is imperative that the defendant have capable representation acting in his or her defense.

Murder is a charge met with felony level punishment at the very least. The greatest punishment for conviction in California is capital punishment. You must contact a Lancaster criminal defense lawyer immediately in order to understand your options and begin acting in your defense.

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