A robbery charge is very serious by itself, but when you are accused of using a deadly weapon, you could be facing many years in prison and heavy fines, among other penalties. California prosecutors are prone to filing even more serious charges for such violent crimes. At this time, you need a Lancaster criminal defense lawyer to assess your charges and build an aggressive defense strategy to preserve your freedom!

When you work with The Law Offices of Tyson R. Beers, you have the resources of a seasoned professional with almost 20 years of practicing criminal law. Tyson provides his clients with the tough representation they need when accused of a crime because he believes that no one should be punished for a crime they did not commit. You can trust our firm to defend your rights at all costs and work towards the best resolution possible!


Since the presence of a deadly weapon is critical to an armed robbery charge, our attorney can file a motion to suppress evidence of the weapon if law enforcement did not follow proper protocol in arresting you.

There are three types of armed robbery cases our Lancaster criminal defense lawyer can assist with:

  • Stranger hold up—where the victim is held at visible or implied gun or knife point
  • Home robbery—the accused forces their way into an occupied home to commit robbery
  • Bank or store robbery—the accused enters a building to demand money or other property

They key to an armed robbery charge is depriving a person of property from them or in their immediate presence by means of force or fear.

The presence of a firearm in any robbery case will add to the prison sentence handed down. A first degree robbery conviction carries 3 to nine years, for example; if a weapon was used, an additional 10 years can be added to the sentence. If the firearm is discharged, the added time can be up to 20 years.


You still have rights when charged with armed robbery which our Lancaster criminal defense attorney can work to uphold in court or in negotiating with the prosecution. If it can be proved you did not in fact have a weapon on you, by definition you cannot be charged with armed robbery.

You may have been licensed to carry a weapon and were under the impression the property in question was in reality your property or that you did not intend to permanently deprive the owner of it. Whatever the details of your case, we can find a means of defending you and fighting for your future!

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