A DUI charge holds significant weight on your criminal record and can have serious consequences on your freedom and your reputation. If you have been charged and have a prior DUI conviction on your record, the consequences can be even more severe and damaging. California takes multiple DUI convictions seriously, which means that your legal representative should be knowledgeable, aggressive, and experienced so that you have the best chance at freedom.

The Law Offices of Tyson R. Beers has been representing clients in the Antelope Valley for more than 20 years. We know what it takes to fight DUI charges in California and can be your aggressive advocate to help reduce the penalties that you face. Tyson R. Beers is not intimidated by tough DUI laws; he can diligently investigate your case to determine a defense strategy that can give you the confidence of knowing that your rights will be protected.

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If you are convicted of your second, third, or subsequent DUI charge, the penalties you might face will be harsher and more severe than before. A court will take into consideration that you have faced prior charges and your sentence will reflect it. Thus, it is crucial to have legal counsel in your corner who is familiar with each local judge and knows what to expect from them.

Second DUI conviction penalties can include:

  • Possible fines of around $1,800 - $3,000
  • Up to 10 days to one year of jail time
  • 18 to 30 months of participation in and completion of an alcohol treatment program
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicles
  • Two- year license suspension

In some cases, your attorney can help fight for a restricted license, which means that your two-year revocation could be dismissed in favor of a license that allows you to drive to, from, and for the purpose of your work and to and from the treatment program.

In third offenses, you may be facing the following:

  • Possible fines of anywhere from $3,000- $18,000
  • 120 days to one year in jail
  • Three-year license revocation
  • Up to 90 days of vehicle impoundment
  • 30 months of required participation in and completion of alcohol treatment program

The more prior convictions that you have on your record, the harsher a judge will be inclined to sentence you. Fortunately, as the law gets tough, Tyson gets tougher. This means that you can trust our firm to fight aggressively and tirelessly to help protect your rights and your future, no matter what odds seem stacked against you.


Although you may have prior convictions under your belt, it does not necessarily mean that you deserve to be punished more severely, especially if you were wrongfully accused. Arresting officers do not always follow proper protocol in making DUI arrests, and they may have mistaken your behavior as under the influence. Our Lancaster DUI lawyers will analyze the circumstances of your arrest to ensure that your rights were not violated at any point during the process.

Additionally, we will ensure that any blood alcohol content (BAC) tests that were administered prior to your arrest were done properly and fairly, and that they were tested accurately. Any discrepancy at any point during the administration and analysis of a field sobriety test can be used in your defense to reduce charges or have a case dismissed altogether. Our team can exercise diligence and efficiency in gathering evidence that can build an aggressive defense for your multiple DUI charges.


The Law Offices of Tyson R. Beers is ready to fight for your DUI defense. Our experienced and passionate DUI attorney in Lancaster is not intimidated by harsh California law and has the skills and strategies that you need to stand up to local judges. We are proud to represent the rights of the accused in the courtroom and will do anything in our power to give you the best chance at freedom.

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